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                                 Photos from the Wehdem Parish

Wehdem Church
Wehdemchurch_south.jpg (56383 bytes)
       Wehdemchurch_north.jpg (14264 bytes)
  From South                   from North

South Side of Wehdem Church, using Infrared Black & White Film © 2000 James E. Jensen

Wehdem_altar.jpg (47268 bytes)Altar of Wehdem Evangelical Lutheran Church

Wehdem_organ.jpg (33397 bytes)
Wehdem Church Organ (in balcony)

Aerial View of Wehdem
Aerial View of Wehdem from Southwest (looking Northeast).

Oppendorf Nr. 2 (Wellmann, later Niermann)

westrup38.jpg (88675 bytes) 
Westrup Nr. 38 (Wellmann/Röhling)

Wehdem Heimathaus (Museum)
Heimathaus.jpg (60435 bytes)
   Heimathaus_rear.jpg (56042 bytes)
Front                      Rear


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