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Family Databases relevant to the Stemwede Area

These are databases of people that have significant lines of families from the Gemeinde Stemwede, in particular. If you have a database, either already on a website or not, and would like a link to it, or would like help in posting it here, send me a note. Whenever possible details of living people have been omitted for privacy. There should be a link to the database owner somewhere in the database if you have questions or common ancestry.

bulletJensen Database - This database contains line for Rübeck, Tielemann, Bierenriede, Strückmeier, Röhling, Sander, Quebe and other from Wehdem Parish, plus Poad, Neddermann, Blomenkamp and others from the Alswede parish. It also includes ancestry from the Jensen family of what's now Schleswig-Holstein, then part of Denmark. 
bulletHartstack Database - This database is Albert Hartstack's of Texas. He has a couple common lines with the Jensen database, but also many others. Albert also is the administrator for the Washington County, TX GenWeb site. 
bulletThielemann Database - Doug Thielemann has quite a large database available, much of which is from Wehdem Parish.
bulletBuschmann Family of Rahden-Wehe
bulletSusan Hormann's Genealogy Page - Her Stemwede ties run through Rahden.
bulletBrian Doig's database (Worldconnect) - Includes some Piepers of Westrup, possibly more
bulletHorst Greimann's (Worldconnect) - Includes people from Hüllhorst & Schnathorst, including many Struckmeiers. Likely related is John Greiman of Colorado. He has two places - his own site and his database in the Worldconnect project
bulletKen Schumacher (Worldconnect) - Ken's database include s individuals from the Finke, Hohlt, Steinkamp & Windhorst families, plus some more, mostly from Wehdem & Berkenbusch.
bulletWesterfeld/Westerfield - They don't actually have any databases on it, but do have a list of some members of their families. It also shows the towns that their ancestors come from.
bulletWieghat Database - Contains families of Wiechard, Wieghat, Tielke, Oberhoff, Lange, Brinkmeyer, Albright, Demuth, Meyer, Wehring, Riechers, Randermann and Lorenz.
bulletJohn Rohlfing's Database (Worldconnect) - This one is very large ( and has families from the parishes of Wehdem, Dielingen and Rahden. "My Key Wehdem parish surnames are: Bonewand, Bosse, Brehob, Buck, Häselmeyer, Henke, Hohlt, Holle, Kokomohr, Krohne, Lahrmann, Lammert, Langelahn, Lehde, Lösche, Pape, Pieper, Priesmeyer, Remmert, Rosenbaum, Sander, Schlake, Schlottmann, Schlüter, Schmidt, Schröder, Tielbörger, and Vahrenkamp, plus other related families.   My key Dielingen parish surnames are: Buddemeyer, Hausstädte, Haverkamp, Koep, Krayenbrock, Langenfeldt, Maschmeyer, Meyer, Mottelmeyer, Övermeier, Rohlfing, Schlottmann, Steinbrecher, Strauss, Tellmann, and Zölner.    My Rahden lines are there, too: Bollhorst, Bunge, Coords, Culemann, Hartlage, Höhling, Kokemohr, Lindemann, Lübbe, Meyer, Rohlfing, Rosenbohm, Ruters, Sander, Schlechte, Schlottmann, Schmalgemeier, Schwettmann, Segelhorst, and Willer."
bulletEbeling-Oetke Database (Worldconnect) - Carole Townsend has lines from the Wehdem Parish, including some Quebes, Finke and Priesmeiers
bulletVahrenkamp - Fahrenkamp Family (Worldconnect) - Carolyn Lillard's database, with about 100 V(F)ahrenkamps.
bulletTieman Family - Teresa Holbrook's database with families from Levern, including Piepers.
bulletRanier Hopmann - Ranier lives in Germany and has a database of his family's history. He has also incorporated information the links to other databases here. His family lines include Hopmann (of course), Lehde, Pohlmeyer, Reuter.
bulletMaschmeier/Maschmeyer Family - from Margo Maschmeyer Gibbs
bulletSchröder/Scheuder Family: From Alswede and Levern, went to The Netherlands. Compiled by Harry Hoeksema in Groningen, The Netherlands.

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