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Additional Places to Check Out

Sites that specifically have content related to genealogy in Germany: This is a site created by a network of genealogy researchers in North Rhine-Westphalia. It contains some information about the area and also provides contact info if you need some help from a local person. 
Germany GenWeb:
This site is for postings where you don't know which area of Germany to look in.
Nordrhein-Westfalen GenWeb Site
: A site for genealogy in the "state" of North Rhine-Westphalia, the region Stemwede is located.
Niedersachsen GenWeb Site: Many families from North Rhine-Westphalia also have relatives in Lower Saxony, as they wrap together in some areas.
Washington County, Texas GenWeb Site: Many people from Stemwede settled in Washington County, Texas.
Albert Hartstack's Family Database: This database contains many people from Stemwede that went to Texas This is a genealogy site in Germany. You must brush up on your German language skills first, or get to know AltaVista's Babel fish, because there's no English in this site.

Keyboard Layouts - You know there are letters in German names that you don't have on your keyboard. You can change the keyboard layout to German, but what's different? You might find Microsoft's Visual Keyboard very helpful. Windows 2000 & XP include an on-screen keyboard utility, but if you don't have these versions, you need Visual Keyboard. You can learn more about it and download it on Microsoft's Office Update Section.

Sites about local areas in or around Stemwede
Stemwede Online: Stemwede's Homepage
Wehdem Website:
Website for Wehdem, maintained by Stephan Niemann
Oppenwehe Website: A very nice website about Oppenwehe with lots of photos, current and historical. Also included are detailed scans of a historical map of the town, plus a cross-reference of current residents to their old homestead numbers. An excellent resource for researchers!
Dielingen: Dielinger Runde - a basic site about the town
Rahden Website: Wilkommen in Rahden, the official website for Rahden.
Gewerbeverein Westrup-Wehdem: The business trade group for Westrup & Wehdem. See a listing of participating businesses. Follow the link "Unser Region" to the "Bilder" link to see photos from the area.
Oppendorf Website:
A site with some information about Oppendorf (in German).
Altkreis Lübbecke
: Another Site about the area, including surrounding towns
: A site now dedicated just to Espelkamp, which many towns near Stemwede combined to form in the 1970s. 
Meier's Deele in Oppenwehe
: Planning to visit Stemwede? Try their trip through Oppenweher Moor in their Beer Wagons!
Sundern: A basic website for the village of Sundern, part of the Levern Parish

Sites for searching for information, not restricted to area.
DeTeMedien- Deutsche TelefonBuch
: Searchable Online Phonebook for all of Germany, includes addresses.
FamilySearch: Search engine provided by the Church of Latter Day Saints
Social Security Death Index: Database from US Social Security Administration of people that received benefits and have passed away.
RootsWeb Worldconnect: This site is fast growing site that one can search for names in. Check back as more people are uploading their GEDCOM files every day. I hadn't found any hits on mine, but recently revisited and found new information on a line I was stuck on, adding 100 names to the database. 

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