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Stemwede Map Center


This edition of Stemwede's Map was printed in 1988. As recent as it is, it is now obsolete, at least for people trying to locate where someone's current address is. For genealogy researchers, however, it is a gem. The map a close enough look to reveal where each house is located, including it's "homestead number". These are the old addresses, which were replaced in the mid 1990's with sequential nu,bering and street names. The homestead numbers go back to the 1700s and are sequential, chronologically as each household was established. So now you can locate that Oppendorf Nr. 14 is located at a main crossroads in town and their neighbors are Oppendorf Nr. 5 & Nr. 220.



Stemwede's Current Map.
This map contains the "new" stret names that have been given to all of the streets in the Stemwede area. It can be ordered from