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Currently this is the complete list of indices available. Two are currently being compiled:

Baptism 1895-1953

If you would like to contribute to the this list, or indices for another parish, drop a line to

Wehdem Church Records

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Wehdem serves the communities of Wehdem, Oppendorf & Westrup. It also served Oppenwehe until St. Martini Ev. Luth. Church opened there in 1931. The current church building in Wehdem was built in 1801.

Listing of the microfilm records available of the Wehdem Church books through the Latter Day Saints Family History Centers

Index lists have been created for many of the Wehdem films. These files are lists of the entries in the church record books at Wehdem Church in Stemwede. The files are organized according the births, marriages or deaths. The dates for each file correspond to the dates on the microfilm copies of the church books available through the Latter Day Saints Family History Centers. Each file may be organized one of two ways. All are organized primarily by year. The secondary order of listing is either in order of entry or in alphabetical order with the entry number listed. These are text files and can be very long. You may wish to save them to your hard drive to save internet time. If you open them in a word processor, such as MS Word, the columns should line up better.

There are a couple of primary abbreviations in the files: gen. & geb. These are short for "genannt" and "geboren". "Genannt" means that the family is called by another name, usually someone married a female landowner (widow or there were no sons) and the husband took her name. "Geboren" indicates that the bride was most likely getting married for the 2nd time or more. The "geboren" name would be her maiden name. Some files do not show "geb" or "gen", but have multiple names shown for the groom or bride. These would indicate that one of these two situations is present.

Wehdem Records Index Files
The Index Records are intended to be a reference to finding more information using the films
 or books and do not contain the entire record information. Nor has the information been stored
anywhere outside these original sources, unless a part of an individuals own family research.

PDF Format & MSWord

The PDF documents are smaller in size and, thus a quicker download. They also have the data formatted in columns, so it easier to read.
Marriages 1663-1722   PDF  Word
Marriages 1723-1766   PDF  Word
Marriages 1767-1819   PDF  Word
Marriages 1820-1859   PDF  Word
Marriages 1860-1910   PDF  Word

ALL of them together:
Marriages 1660-1910   PDF 
(sorted by Groom's last name)
Marriages 1660-1910   PDF
(sorted by Bride's last name)


PDF Format & MSWord (*.doc)
Listed in order of entry for each year:
Baptism Records 1663-1722:   PDF File    Word
Baptism Records 1723 - 1766: PDF File    Word
Baptism Records 1767 - 1813: PDF File    Word
    This film is one of the most difficult to read. As a result there are  
    many names that have blanks in them due to unreadable characters. 
    Traditional searches for specific names will not work well in this file 
    due to the many variations and partial names. 
Baptism Records 1814 - 1819  PDF File     Word
Baptism Records 1820 - 1835  PDF File     Word
Alphabetical listing by year:
Baptism Records 1836-1859:   PDF File     
Baptism Records 1860-1894:   PDF File     
Baptism Records 1895-1953:   PDF File    

Nearly all combined:
Baptism Records 1660-1859:  PDF File     Word
(sorted alphabetically)

Deaths 1801 - 1892: This is a partial listing, courtesy of Beverly Powell. If you have entries that are not included, please send them and we will add them.

Variations of Names:   Your family name may be Becker, but suddenly you can't find any. Particularly in the earlier records, the names were spelled by the pastor since many people couldn't read. A new pastor may have meant a new spelling. This is a compilation of many of the names from the Wehdem parish and variations in the spellings for them. Thanks to John Rohlfing for creating it. My own line, Rübeck, has been spelled at least 17 different ways. This is a Adobe Acrobat PDF document. To view, click the link, to download, right click the link and choose "save target as".
House Numbers of Wehdem Parish: Here's a list of the house numbers and families in Wehdem, Oppendorf, & Oppenwehe (listed alpha by family). This file take some time to load - it's a lot of info!
House Numbers of Wehdem Parish - By house number: The same list as above, but organized numerically by town. This file take some time to load - it's a lot of info!
>> Here's an explanation of the housing numbers, including the "bei" references.<<

German Keyboard Layout - now that you found names in your family, how do you get that blasted ä,ö, ü or ß on your computer? There are methods using the alt-key functions you can find in character map, or use Microsoft's Visual Keyboard

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